Internet and Business

Part 1

At the outset I wish to describe Make Money on the Internet.

Maybe he should ask you to pay for your Internet and sits in the future probably also quite good. The answer is simple: advertising company. Every business needs advertising to her and her products, services, people knew. And to make themselves known on the Internet using a variety of banner advertising systems .. For the visitor, which you bring to them through advertising, of course, you pay. So now you do not, but of course, advertising agency, advertising system to share with you on these earnings. And we will build on those earning our income.


Where to Register

To do so we can start generating a profit is primarily important to register the programs that we use for earnings on our site. Of course it is up to you what programs you choose, whether any affiliate or ETARGET, adsense and so on. I will pay top adsense mostly about me as it gave up.

Google AdSense you will earn your first money. It is based on a PPC which means that the number of paid clicks. On your page will display contextual ads which means that advertising is linked to the text of your page. Adsense provides several options for ads like AdSense for content (we use), Adsense for domains program, AdSense for Feeds, Adsense search. All of these options you can see and study the following registration in the Google AdSense program. Before continuing the second part of the Register for Google AdSense Etarget where appropriate.

The PPC ads are, of course, back in the future and we will try to adjust advertising campaigns, whether the location, color, so that brought us the best possible outcome.

So register as soon as Google AdSense, because until you approve the account, it may take up to 30 days. 


What next?
In Part 2 we'll discuss creating websites, blogs, without needing programming for placement of your ads, and also where to place ads that bring the best results. Part 2 coming soon.

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